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PREAMBLE is a future-noir visual novel experience that tells the story of "Vice," a former smuggler turned corporate cog on the colony world of N-351.

A barren rock orbiting a dying star, N-351 was one of many worlds rich in a valuable ore that is key to interstellar and inter-planar travel.  Out here, the Caldera intergalactic mining consortium rules over ever facet of colonial life, which has been geared toward extracting and refining what remains of this once abundant priceless element.

 In the decades since the colony was established, Caldera's exploitation of N-351 has grown well beyond the natural resources beneath the planet's crust.  The largest city, Presidium, is a glorified boom-town built on the blood and bones of colonists vying for a claim to the new frontier.  

Generations born in Presidium know life only as Caldera sees fit to show them; scraping at a meager living and reaching for the impossible dream of one day earning enough scrip to leave the sprawl.   In time, a few descendents of those original pioneers began to carve out a new means to rise above their station: not as miners, but as smugglers.

Known only as RUNNERS, these gray market couriers operate outside the grid, dealing salvaged tech under the nose of Caldera's sentinel A.I., ATLAS.

For years, the corporation turned a blind eye to their activities.

Until now...

  • Experience the events leading up to the opening moments of <RUNNER>
  • Featuring a fully voiced interactive narrative with a veteran cast
  • Unlockable CGs
  • An incredible vaporwave soundtrack composed by Fat Bard.


preamble-windows.zip 1 GB
Version 1 Jul 26, 2022

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